Vintage Style Handcrafted Labradorite 925 Silver Sterling Pendant

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This exquisite Vintage Style Handcrafted Labradorite 925 Silver Sterling Pendant. Its vintage-inspired design is sure to add a timeless elegance to your look, while the shimmering labradorite stone is sure to add an air of opulence. Elevate your style with this luxurious and timeless piece.The labradorite gemstone is known for its iridescent flashes of blue, green, and yellow. It's a beautiful blue colour and is known for being very calming. It's believed that wearing labradorite helps bring balance to ones life.

Labradorite is a Feldspar mineral associated with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, as well as the Zodiac signs Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The unique iridescent flash of blue and gold adds an elegant hint of color to any look.

Features - Vintage Style Labradorite 925 Silver Sterling Pendant

  • Labradorite Stone
  • 925 Silver Sterling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handcrafted Jewellery
  • Labradorite Pendant
  • Vintage Design

Size: L3.8cm x W2.2cm

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